Affiliate Marketing

A Cool Brand Will Only Get You So Far

But Your Goal Is Ultimately to Maximize Marketing ROI

Affiliate Marketing | Direct Response Marketing | Our goal is to implement direct response marketing and optimize online lead generation. The proper utilization of squeeze pages, split tested for conversion, is our goal, and we strive for 25% opt-in rates.

Have Affiliates Promote Your Brand

Only Pay for Tangible Results

Imagine having an army of influential affiliates selling and promoting your brand across the internet, 24/7. This is becoming a prominent form of marketing! It is called affiliate marketing and is a growing form of effective marketing for all types of businesses across the globe. It could also be a good fit for you, depending on your business. These influential affiliates utilize tools such as banner ads, emails, and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns to promote your brand.

Some people may be wondering why these affiliates would undertake all that work on behalf of a company that they have no involvement with. Well, the short answer is, they have skin in the game. These affiliates get compensated by you, only when their marketing efforts lead to a sale, meaning you only pay for tangible results. This sales data is tracked by cookies on yoaur internet browser. This is the reason that so many businesses are now opting to use affiliate marketing as part of their overarching online marketing strategy.

While this form of marketing is extremely effective, it is important to choose the correct affiliates for your product or services’. The reason for this is not all affiliates are the same, and visibility is key to optimizing the conversion of sales and revenues. Our company has years of experience sourcing professional and effective affiliates that fit their industry, in order to ensure that this form of marketing is as effective as possible. We will walk you through the entire process, helping you create an affiliate program, and promote it to thousands of affiliates.

Affiliate Marketing Integration Services include the following features:

  • Affiliate Program Consulting

  • Affiliate Program Set-up

  • Code Integration into Your Shopping Cart

  • Rules and Guidelines for Affiliates

  • Affiliate Recruitment

  • Payment Management Systems

  • Affiliate Sign-up Pages on your Website

  • Affiliate Promotional Tools & Emails

  • Affiliate Banner Ads

  • Affiliate Video Training

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