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Branding Services | There is so much more to branding than simply choosing brand colors, a slogan, or packaging. You need to implement a branding policy that highlights why you are different from your competitors, and why potential clients should buy from you.

Brands Are More Than Just Colors and Slogans

Highlight Your Competitive Advantages

Our company defines your Unique Selling Point (USP) in step one of our four-step marketing process.

Your USP is part of your branding and defines your positioning within the marketplace. It helps to distinguish you from your competitors, and convince potential clients that you are the go-to source for a certain product or service. Our brand marketing services are designed to also relay your company’s vision, mission, and philosophy; in order to make a lasting impression on your potential clients. Your brand image should invoke a certain image to everyone that comes in contact with your company, through the effective use of color schemes, designs, words, and logos.

You define many aspects of your company image as soon as the business is started, however as your business grows it is often necessary for your brand image to evolve with it. When defining your brand image upon the inception of your business, the thought of “perception” is often neglected. As your company grows, it becomes more important to pay attention to how potential clients perceive your brand. Industries are constantly evolving, and businesses that define their brand based on a fad tend to be left behind. This is why it’s important to portray the image of longevity and stability when defining a brand image.

Our company has years of experience in assisting companies in identifying issues with their corporate branding, by initiating changes according to their underlying Unique Selling Point (USP). You need to ensure that your brand image is consistent with what you say to potential clients every time they come in contact with your business.

The first step in the brand imaging process is to meet with your business for a 2-3 hour consultation, where we will look at your current corporate branding, and initiate changes where necessary. The most common changes we make with regards to your business’ brand image include brand, colors, designs, letterhead, business cards, logo, and brochures.

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