Learning is a Two-Way Street

Consulting is an Ongoing Learning Process

Marketing Consulting | We believe that the key to effective marketing consulting is building relationships and understanding. The first step in our process is getting to know your company, your goals, direction, objectives, and dreams. This understanding provides us with the foundation that we need to build something amazing, a marketing plan that exceeds every one of your expectations.

Marketing Consulting

Brian Poole – CEO Poole Marketing Systems

Businesses across the country struggle on a daily basis to overcome the obstacles and challenges involved in running a company, and competing in the 21st century. While many are doing a great job of managing the day-to-day operations of their business, it is sometimes difficult to manage the less tangible aspects, such as developing a dynamic marketing strategy.

The marketing industry is constantly evolving, and companies often struggle to utilize the numerous tools, techniques, and strategies available to them. Brian Poole, President & CEO at Poole Marketing Systems, can help you overcome these challenges. Our company specializes in guiding businesses through the marketing process of the 21st century, helping them reach their full potential through the use of our cutting-edge Four Step Marketing Process.

Two-Day Interactive Consultation Session

One of our most sought-after consulting services is our 2-day intensive, in-person, marketing consultation session. This session provides our clients with 14 hours of direct consulting, through-which a custom marketing plan is developed according to your goals. This session will be comprehensively recorded for your future reference and will feature state of the art teaching tools and methods.

This marketing plan is designed to complement your pre-existing strategy and will feature a comprehensive and easy to follow business plan designed to guide your business through the next 12 to 24 months. The plan takes the form of a step-by-step plan, on a monthly basis, with a detailed timeline and clear, actionable milestones.

What’s Included in our Four Step Marketing Consultation?

  1. Communicate the Right Thing with your USP – what sets your company apart from the competition? Why should customers choose you? Your USP should address these questions.
  2. Lead Generation through Platform Utilization – in-depth research into potential leads that are not being pursued.
  3. Leveraging & Reporting A Comprehensive Marketing Arsenal – a thorough look at all of the marketing methods available to your business, and the proper measuring systems.
  4. Marketing Automation Systems – implementation of comprehensive automation systems to maintain client relationships and follow-up on potential leads.

Our Consulting Process

Our company offers growing companies the chance to take advantage of the many marketing tools at their disposal, through concrete consulting expertise. When we consult with our clients, we begin with a comprehensive brainstorming process, designed to highlight information on your operating industry, your products/services, and your competitive advantage. Your Unique Selling Point!

Your USP is the first step in our proprietary Four Step Marketing Process. The USP is the foundation of your marketing strategy and acts as a guiding principle by-which each marketing project is devised. This marketing strategy will then revolve around the remaining three steps in the process – Platforms & Offers, the Marketing Arsenal, and Marketing Automation. By combining these four steps, a powerful marketing strategy is created; one which will drive your business forward through unimaginable growth.

In our experience, we have seen the average client grow at least 25% per year, with many experiencing growth of over 200% to 300%; depending on the maturity of the business, and the level of adherence to our marketing strategy.

Other Consulting Services

While our upper management has limited availability per month to dedicate to consulting, due to ongoing projects; our company offers various other consulting options, both short- and long-term. The best first step is to take part in our two-day consultation. This meeting can take place in-person, or in a virtual setting.

Get in touch with us today, either by scheduling a call, or requesting a quote if you’d like to learn more about our consulting services.

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