Developing a Public Relations Strategy

The Growing Importance of PR

It has always been important to manage the PR efforts of your company, as this is what determines the public perception of your brand, and what influences potential clients to work with you. With the growing prominence of online reviews and rating platforms, more people than ever are able to find out unbiased opinions about your company. Therefore, it is critical to managing your online presence through an effective public relations strategy.

Once you have established a solid presence on search engines, you need to start developing a bigger presence which allows potential clients to learn more about your company beyond what is on your website. Our public relations arm has moved beyond the traditional methods of sending out unsolicited letters to newspapers and reporters, opting to take advantage of the numerous resources on the web instead. Bloggers, online news sources, Youtube, and other modern news sources are the future, and our team understands this better than anyone.

Press releases and syndication services have the ability to spread content to the far reaches of the internet in record time. Some of these syndicated sources include PR News Wire, Yahoo News, Google News, and more.  Our company holds the belief that the best way to maintain a positive online reputation is to be proactive in spreading content on behalf of your business.

Here’s a sample of what a Quote for Public Relations Services Might Include:

  • Blog Reviews of Your Business
  • Press Releases
  • Podcast Interviews
  • Sponsored YouTube Videos
  • Regional and Local News Articles
  • Content Syndication
  • Dedicated PR Representatives
  • Sponsored Social Media Sharing
  • Proactive Online Reviews
  • Other Positive Content Creation

Want to learn more about our public relations services? Let’s chat. We have years of experience in public relations and would love to help your business with your Public Relations needs. Get in touch with us today to request a quote, or to schedule a call.