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Take Advantage of the Blogging Opportunities Available to Your Business

You are missing out on a huge untapped market if you don’t

Blog Content & Inbound Marketing – Our company has a talented team of content writers, with experience drafting engaging posts meant to be shared across the web. We believe in the marketing power of sharing and list building.

Every Business Can Benefit from a Blog

If You Disagree, You Are Missing Out

Are you spending money on SEO, but not achieving the results you expected? A likely reason is that you aren’t taking advantage of the benefits that come from operating a company blog. We have found that businesses that operate a blog receive 55% more traffic than a business that doesn’t. Why is this the case? Blogs are naturally more SEO friendly than traditional websites, especially if they are optimized. Therefore, companies that operate both a website and a blog greatly expand their online footprint, and accelerate their SEO efforts. Think of all of the articles you see shared on social media, a large portion of these are derived from blogs of some sort. By not using this strategy, your business is missing out on a huge opportunity to reach new potential clients.

Our company has developed a comprehensive Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing program that works for businesses in any industry. We can either work with content that you have generated, or we can draft engaging content on your behalf; the choice is yours! Either way, we will oversee the entire blog management/content creation process, including the SEO, social media, and distribution efforts.

Here’s a look at a few items your inbound marketing proposal might include

  • Monthly Blog Maintenance & Updates 

  • Pre-scheduled Posts with Client Reviews 

  • 100% unique SEO Content on all New Posts 

  • Royalty Free Images on Every Post 

  • Social Media Sharing Integration 

  • Social Media Property Optimization

  • Detailed Keyword Research

  • Detailed SEO Reporting

  • Onsite SEO Optimization of Each New Post

  • Automatic Search Engine Pings for all New Posts 

  • Automatic Sitemap Updates

  • Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics Integration

  • Spam Free Comment Integration

  • Secure Nightly Backups

  •  Total Web Security and Virus Removal

Want to learn more about our inbound marketing services? Please schedule a call with us today, or let’s set up a consultation meeting. Either way, we are confident that we can help your business greatly accelerate your SEO efforts.

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