Localized SEO

So, You’re the #1 Search Result in South Africa

This Means Nothing if Your Target Market is America!

Localized SEO Services | SEO is only effective if applied to the markets that you wish to target, which involves maintaining good reviews, citations, and accurate business information in every directory. You can focus on one area, or hundreds, by utilizing localized SEO services.

Citation Building & Localized SEO

Both Key Components of SEO

Organic SEO is very important for any business wishing to expand their online presence, but it is equally important that your SEO efforts are being directed to your target market. We recognize this importance, as being the top result of the search engine means nothing if you aren’t being searched by your target market. If a potential client can’t find your company when they are searching for a product or service online, they are simply going to go with another company. Therefore you need to ensure that your SEO efforts are being directed towards clients that are likely to actually utilize your products or services.

Localized SEO is also critical when your company is looking to find new customers. Our goal is to get your business displayed at the top of Google when they type in “Birmingham_____________”  (Insert what your company does for a living here). Since there are so many businesses using SEO nowadays, it is critical that you target the A-C spots, on the top of Google. The solution to this dilemma is localized, location based, SEO services. This involves verifying your address, updating citations, localized structure data, and making other various design tweaks to your website. We won’t lie, it takes time, work, and patience; but the results are worth it!

Here is a sample of some of the items that might be included in your proposal

  • NAP Consistency & Updates

  • NAP Consistency & Updates

  • Updating Inaccurate Citations

  • On page, Local Citations on Website

  • Inbound Linking by Local Directories

  • Review Optimization

  • Social Media Integration

  • Structured Data Markup

This process can be a bit confusing, and we understand this, but with our help, it is actually a fairly simple process! Not only that, but the benefits are well worth the initial investment, and it is part of a successful overall online marketing campaign. These services are extremely important to those businesses which operate in different geographic jurisdictions. Our company is experienced in localized SEO, and we can help your business get one, or all of your locations listed on top. Our proprietary system monitors reviews, citations, and provides you with ongoing progress reports. If you would like to learn more, get in touch with us today!

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