QR Codes

Never Lose an Opportunity to Draw a Client to your Website

One Little Barcode Can Make a Huge Difference

QR Code (Quick Response Code) | QR codes make life easier. It is easier on customers, prospects, and yes even for business owners. Print marketing should leverage QR codes. QR codes help users find exactly what they want – QUICKLY!

QR Codes Should Be on Every Print You Produce

Direct Potential Clients Where You Want in Seconds

QR codes are a relatively new concept, and as a full-service online marketing agency, we understand this. It’s still in the infancy stage of adoption, however this powerful new marketing tool has the potential to change the nature of marketing for your business.

QR codes allow your clients to take a picture of the code, here they will be instantly taken to the website page of your choice. In fact, these codes can direct your potential clients to product information pages, contact pages, offer pages, or to a download page. Our company recognizes the power of QR codes, as a quick way of getting your customers to your landing page and converting them to a sale. We recommend that you utilize them on print media as well, including: product packaging, newspaper ads, magazine ads, magnets, direct mail, business cards and more.

Our company builds QR code tracking into your website analytic program, in order to determine its effectiveness when placed in different locations. Regardless of where you wish to redirect potential clients, be it a video, landing page, or complete e-book; you’ll know exactly how many people are using it, and where they were directed from!

When first developed, QR codes looked like an arbitrary black and white shape, and they all looked very similar. Nowadays; however, QR codes have become much more customizable, and can be modeled according to your brand image. Our company has extensive experience working with QR codes, and can help your company tap into every facet and value they have to offer.


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