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Radio & TV Marketing | This form of marketing isn’t for everyone, but if utilized properly it can be extremely effective. These traditional marketing methods aren’t about simply generating noise for your company, but rather is about generating concrete leads and a positive ROI.

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For most business owners, the thought of TV & radio advertising is daunting because of the perceived cost. This is a valid concern if you are planning on targeting a national audience, however using these methods to target specific markets is not as costly as you may think. By using the right marketing agency, you can use these methods effectively to broaden your client base.

Our company is experienced in helping clients establish an effective TV and radio campaign with ease. Our initial approach will be a consultation meeting, where we will establish your target market, and help you determine your Unique Selling Point. Using this information, you can determine whether TV, radio, or both would be appropriate methods for your business. Prior planning is crucial to help determine the next steps in your TV/Radio campaign.

Next, we will help your company determine a reasonable budget for your campaign. This is important because it will determine which methods are most appropriate. Radio tends to be the less expensive option; however, TV may be the appropriate method depending on your business and operating industry. It really all depends on your USP and desired target market.

Our company will then connect your company with the appropriate TV and radio stations, and take care of the administrative details involved in establishing the framework for your radio and TV campaign. We will essentially act as your agent, handling the communication with various stations, and identifying the appropriate CPM (cost per thousand) of reaching your target audience. All of our methods are designed to provide your company with a positive return on investment, by making sure you are effectively reaching the correct people with your Unique selling point. Our firm will source, and compare various advertising proposals on your behalf to make sure you are getting the best deal possible.

Once the distribution plan has been laid out, our next step will be to plan the content of your advertisement. If we determine that radio is the most effective method, this will involve detailing a compelling script outlining your Unique Selling Point, and proposing an offer to potential clients that will engage them to learn more about your product or service. On the other hand, if we determine that TV is the best route, our company will help you with your media design (see Video Design and Promotion) and will handle the submission process to the selected stations for airing.

We believe that TV and Radio can be effective methods for certain businesses, and if you’re interested in learning more, we can help guide you through this process. Get in touch with us today to learn more!


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