Video Production

Time is Money, and Clients Won’t Always Read Your Content

So Engage Them with a Video

Promotional Video Design | Promotional videos are a great marketing tool, especially when used in unison with other online methods. Videos have a more engaging effect than traditional content and educate web visitors faster than traditional written content. When we produce corporate promotional videos, we typically share information which conveys why a particular brand is the best choice and reiterate their unique selling points.

Why is Your Company the Best?

Use the Power of Video

Our company has worked with clients in numerous capacities, offering a wide spectrum of video design services, including traditional video production and animation services. We have found the use of promotional videos in online marketing to be extremely popular amongst potential clients, and very effective in conveying a strong message. Our talented team of video producers and designers are capable of providing your business with outstanding video design options.

Many businesses stay away from the world of video marketing because they perceive it as costly, or difficult. Similarly, many businesses don’t know what they should be communicating in these videos. Our company can help your company approach video marketing from a structured perspective, identifying the important aspects of video design. We will first meet with you to discuss your unique selling point (USP). Using your USP as a starting point, we will then brainstorm regarding the message that you want to convey to your target audience. Once we have identified your USP and the message you wish to convey, we will lay out the next steps for the video design. One of the most popular forms of promotional videos is ‘explainer videos,’ especially if you wish to explain a product or service. An explainer video is where we use animation to explain your product or service, an extremely effective and engaging method of increasing your brand awareness. These types of videos are also very useful in engaging potential clients to stay on your website.

Alternatively, we offer videos that employ the use of actors as opposed to animation, to highlight your product or service. These videos can also be extremely effective but must be used properly to avoid being boring. The options available to businesses when it comes to video marketing are endless. The proper use of video marketing will enhance your website, and engage visitors to remain on the site.

Our company works with you to develop cutting-edge, high-definition videos for use in your business marketing efforts. This video can be utilized on your company website, social media pages, and even your company YouTube channel.

Potential Options for Your Marketing Video

  • Planning Meetings

  • Scripting

  • Story Boards

  • Music Selection

  • Voice Over Selection

  • After Effects Video Integration

  • Live Actors or Animated Videos

  • 1080p HD Quality

If you’re ready to begin the video marketing process, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to walk you through the process and tell you more about how we can help your company develop cutting-edge content.

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