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Website Conversion & Lead Generation | When we are analyzing your marketing efforts, we look at things logically and compare the raw data.

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Is your website generating an acceptable conversion rate? This refers to the number of site visitors directed from your marketing efforts, that actually end up purchasing your products or services. The answer is, probably not, and that is why we are here. Our company will optimize your website using split testing and multivariate testing, to generate more leads, sales, and website conversions.

Our various marketing experts know what works when it comes to lead generation and website design. We have conducted numerous case tests involving videos, opt-in design, testing different headlines, Google AdWords, as well as different website layout designs. This process can also involve changes to your contact information placement, e-commerce layout, and other various components of your website.

Our experts will test multiple variations of the aforementioned components, and compare them by using our split testing tool, in order to determine which version performs the best. Our conversion optimizers use certain algorithms that show which clicks are generating the most value for your site. This information is extremely valuable for knowing which marketing methods are generating conversions, and which are wasting money. After gathering the results, we will then deliver our findings to the client.

In our experience, clients that utilize our conversion optimization services as part of their marketing plan can see an increase of at least 20% in conversions, while simultaneously optimizing their marketing ROI. This increased number of conversions are due to the fact that these clients learn about which methods are generating the highest conversion rate, allowing them to focus on these efforts going forward.

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