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Google Cares About your Website Speed, so you Should as Well

Website Speed Optimization | Even the most beautiful websites, loaded with code, can still run fast and efficiently. Our company provides clients with caching, content delivery networks, and minifying code services; so your website loads faster.

Boost Your Website Speed

Utilize Effective Caching and Content Delivery Networks

Many businesses don’t realize that Google looks at the speed of your website when determining search engine rankings. If your business lags, or is too slow, it can lower your SEO ranking and affect your marketing efforts. This begs the question, how does one make their website faster? Our company offers this service, called Website Speed Optimization. This process involves caching your website content in browsers, minifying (consolidating) your CSS and Java script files, and using content delivery networks.

Google cares about the speed of your website because it is a key component in user experience, one of the defining aspects of SEO. Not only this, but Google also ranks your site based on how quickly people leave after visiting it. Ask yourself this, how long would it take you to leave a website if it weren’t loading fast enough?

Our company understand this dilemma better than anyone, and we have helped many of our clients overcome issues regarding website speed and performance. Some of the underlying issues that cause poor website performance range from poor server configurations, over used JavaScripts, poorly compressed and formatted images, to many other issues.

Our team utilizes a state of the art system to scan your website, and ensure that your website is moving quickly. Our experts will provide you with a comprehensive plan to increase your website speed, and will even help you with plan implementation.

Here’s a look at a few items your inbound marketing proposal might include

  • Multi-Browser Speed Testing

  • Content Delivery Network Integration (CDN)

  • Parallel Video Downloads

  • Hosting Hardware Reviews

  • Consolidation of CSS & JavaScript Files

  • Progressive Optimization of JPG images

  • Hosting Fail-Over Solutions

Want to learn more about our website speed optimization services? Schedule a call with us today, and we can discuss the next steps.

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